A Message from Our Founder

                    As a vocalist, private voice teacher and K-12 choir director, I've had the joy of

                                        working with so many talented students of all ages who have a love for performing.   I have

                                        coached many through national competitions, only to be sitting in the audience thinking

                                        "Why don't we have more talent from my area represented in this?  Do they not know about the

                                        competition? Is it too expensive?  Do they think they won't be able to compete with someone from

                                        New York or Los Angeles?"  While these questions continued plaguing me at every national  

                                        competition, I began to develop a network of many prestigious music industry contacts

                                        and decided to create a way to offer world-class learning opportunities to the students

of my region. I founded Songbook South to introduce my industry contacts to the young talent we have in the

South and to allow our students to benefit from the teaching, experience and connections they bring.  

At Songbook South, we promote our young talent.  We give them performance opportunities.  We empower our students with knowledge and skill, and show them they can succeed in this industry.  The performance skills our students learn at Songbook South will build their confidence and make them better leaders in their communities.  

We hope you will consider joining our community of Songbook South Supporters by making a contribution!

About Us

Songbook South is a Shreveport, Louisiana based non-profit (501c3) organization founded by local vocalists and instructors to promote the art of singing through study and performance.  The mission of Songbook South is to provide regional vocalists and other young musicians who have strong interest in music theater, jazz and popular song, development of skills through intense, creative performance study mentored by world-class, professional performers and instructors.  Moreover, promoting these classic American genres to middle and high schoolers is central to the mission.