Inspiration Weekend: Great American Songbook Edition

Vocal Intensive and High School Vocal Competition 2018

An unusal end to our Inspiration Weekend, having to perform across campus at the chapel because of a storm enduced power outage, only to have the power fail at the end of the competition.  The show went on, with light from the cell phones of our many fans in the audience, and we crowned our three winners!

Cassidy Ewert - Grand Prize

Adam Born - Second Place

Arianne Graves - Third Place

Grand Prize Winner, Cassidy Ewert,

captivates the audience

on stage.

Vocal Intensive, Day One, with Broadway star/actress/voice over artist, Naz Edwards, and award winning orchestrator/composer/Jazz pianist, Tex Arnold.

Broadway Belting Worskhop with

Naz Edwards.

Vocal Intensive, Day Two

Without electricity in the music building, due to a storm, we find our light in the atrium of the choral building, preparing for competition performance!

Learning to become performance professionals.  Overcoming adversity.  

The show must go on!

The High School Competition

Relocating to the chapel for the competition with last minute rehearsals in our new space.

Opening Number:  The Songbook South Singers

Songbook South Jazz Ensemble

Finalist, Trevor Van Eaton

Finalist and Second Place Winner,

Adam Born

Finalist, Sarah Briery

Finalist and Third Place Winner,

Arianne Graves

Finalist, Camryn Orr

Finalist, Sara Katherin McCallum

The artists assembled for the anouncement of the winners.

Mission Accomplished

Our three winners with our clinicians, Naz Edwards and Tex Arnold.